Hello! My name is Michaela Rose Such, I am an Artist, Skier and General Mountain Adventure Enthusiast.

 I have been painting since before I can remember, my Grandma used to paint with me when I was a lil' kiddo and I never stopped! From a young age my sense of adventure has inspired my art and influenced my style. My art is a reflection of my passion for the mountains and the deep emotions I experience in them. I use paint to share these spaces with the world and to proclaim respect for the untamed mountains and the wildlife who call them home.

I live for big, stormy skies. For howling ridge top wind. For crashing waves. I live for Mother Nature’s temper and feeling alive. There is a constant, quiet tension in the mountains, I guess that's why they call it The Wild. Conditions and situations can change on a dime in the backcountry and I like to explore these changes with a paintbrush and canvas!


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